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BJET Epidemic spreads through Asian mainland

KYOTO, Japan (Hattori Hanzo) - Further reports on the spread of BJET have pointed out that the disease has now reached the city of Shanghai. Terror sweeps through Japan, as there is no way of evacuating the still healthy citizens to safer areas.

Riots have broken out all over Japan. Reports point out that, in various cases, the police has had to resort to extreme violence to subdue the franctic crowd. Thousands of Japanese villagers are stranded in the port cities, having no way of leaving the country and no way of returning home, since the public transport system is in complete dissaray.

Various political figureheads have demanded the lift of the quarantine zone, reasoning that, since the disease has already spread to Asian main land, the healthy Japanese population deserves a chance to survive.


Further examination of the debris of the plane now confirmed as the source of BJET has lead to some very worrying conclusions; the only known faction that could have set up such an elaborate biological attack is the terrorist organisation identified as Herero Oshindonga, most probably based in Oshakati, Namibia.

Rain of owls baffles Imperial College biologists
LONDON, England - A rather unusual phenomenon has struck downtown London; it appears to be raining owls. These normally rural and moreover nocturnal creatures are spotted at a still increasing rate. Biologists stand amazed, while some more controversial experts have explained the phenomenon as a form of migration.

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