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November 22, 2008 -- Updated 0602 GMT (1402 HKT)

BJET demands dramatic number of lives

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  • BJET spreads through China
  • Japanese population riots
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TAIPEI, Taiwan (Billy Kong) -- Three days after the BJET epidemic has started its deadly spree, the disease has spread as far as Shanghai. Frightened Asian citizens are fleeing their countries, desperately trying to escape the Plague. Other continents, however, are keeping their borders as tightly-shut as possible for fear of further contamination.

Riots have broken out in Japan and some major Chinese cities, when it became apparent that the international community does not support any travel beyond the own border. Japanese citizens demand the lifting of the quarantine zone, and the evacuation of all healthy citizens, since the disease has already spread to the Asian mainland. Most of the farmers from the eastern Chinese counties have fled to the city, in the hope of finding an evacuation route – leaving most the farmland barren, and spreading the disease farther still.

Neither President Hu Jin Tao nor Emperor Akihito have commented on any of the disturbing news.

India is still leading the medical research to the antidote. Some small batches of medicine have already been dispatched towards Japan, but other Asian countries have also demanded a share of the medication, for fear of an unstoppable threat.

Sri Lanka, meanwhile, has made an important biological discovery; apparently, the disease cannot spread in a salt water source. Tests on desalinated water are still in progress.

A boy stands near the debris of a collapsed house in Bac Giang province, Vietnam, on Sunday.

Chinese officials trying to apprehend rioter

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