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Riots cripple European nations

LONDON, England (Rita Skeeter) - Thanks to the UK protection of BBC buildings, news can still be published directly from the most stricken areas.

In Holland, the "Duinwaterbedrijf" has laid claim on all fresh water sources saved up for the last three years, and is selling it exclusively to farmers growing foodstuffs. The contract of selling water to potato farmers has been terminated as soon as news of the spreading Potato Blight reached the public.


Nevertheless, European scientists deign that at least the coastal states of Europe should be safe, especially since most of the leading desaliantion specialists are residing in various European countries (mostly the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway).

The European community has done its best to ensure their citizens' safety by closing their borders to off-continent travellers, but nevertheless there are thousands of Asian refugees slipping through the borders of Eastern European countries, effectively enlarging the threat of further contamination.

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