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September 29, 2008 -- Updated 0602 GMT (1402 HKT)

Financial crises reaches Europe

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (Daniel Ocean) -- With the onset of the Potato Blight and the resulting food shortage in increasingly large parts of Europe and Asia, the Euro has plummeted. Following the steep decline of the dollar, yen and yuan, the value of the Euro has collapsed with a staggering 71.4%.

This means that not only Europe has many mouths left unfed at the moment, trade and production have virtually ground to a halt. This is an economic crisis of unprecedented seriousness. Even the German crisis in the 1930s was not this bad. Also, the British Pound, which seemed to be on the rise earlier today, is now plummetting.

A boy stands near the debris of a collapsed house in Bac Giang province, Vietnam, on Sunday.

Will this be the only image left to future generations of the traditional potato-eating Dutchman?

Interestingly, two countries do benefit indirectly from this crisis because their currency is suddenly in high demand. The Venezuelan Bol&igrav;var has more than tripled in value in the past 4 hours, and the South African Rand has undergone a twelvefold increase in value. Both currencies are expected to continue this trend, due to increasing currency speculation.

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