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Bio for David Walden

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I am relatively new to the TeX world but not to the world of computers.

I began programming computers in 1962 on an IBM 1620 computer at San Francisco State College. In my post college career I worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Norsk Data Elektronikk, and Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. (BBN). I spent 27 years at BBN working in a succession of technical, technical management and general management positions, including as a programmer developing the ARPANET packet switches and other early Internet technology.

I retired from BBN in 1995 and, over the next several years, taught part-time at MIT's Sloan School of Management and worked part-time with the Center for Quality of Management.

Throughout my technical and business career, I have frequently written papers for publication on technical and management topics. I have also been involved as an editor, reviewer, or columnist is several journals and other publications. Since my full-time retirement, I have continued to write which led to my use of TeX and LaTeX. While I have been a fairly massive user of TeX (particularly LaTeX), I am not an expert, always satisfying myself with learning just enough to address whatever writing or layout need I had before me; and this is the viewpoint my writing for the PracTeX Journal will have.

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