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General Information

The TeX Users Group (TUG) has sponsored two explicitly practical ("how you get things done") TeX conferences. The first conference was held in New York City in 1998 and was well-received by attendees. The second conference took place in San Francisco in 2004 and was also successful. As an outgrowth of the second conference TUG decided to create an on-line journal for practical TeX.

A typical issue of The PracTeX Journal may include:

This journal, as you see it here, will undoubtedly evolve in style as well as content. The Editorial Board welcomes suggestions for improving both the content and appearance of the journal.

The PracTeX Journal is a complement to TUG's primary print journal, TUGboat. TUGboat is a benefit of membership in the TeX Users Group. The TeX Live, ProTeXt and CTAN software (on CD and DVD) are other benefits of joining TUG.

A note from Robin Laakso, TUG Executive Director

It seems fitting that the launch of this on-line journal is taking place in 2005, as this year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of TUG! What more could this not-for-profit organization desire for its Silver Anniversary than to keep inventing new ways to provide information about TeX, LaTeX and friends for its membership and for users worldwide. Thanks to the all-volunteer Editorial Board we are on-task and quite proud to introduce the PracTeX Journal this special year.

If you like what you read in these on-line pages and would like the opportunity to learn more in a hands-on setting, the next Practical TeX Conference is scheduled to take place in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in June, 2005. It includes one day of classes and tutorials, followed by three days of presentations and workshops. If you're new to TeX or even if you've been using the software for a while, we encourage you to consider registering for Practical TeX 2005.

TUG is a member-supported organization and relies on memberships and donations for its existence. We also have institutional memberships for universities and companies. If I can be of assistance with these or other matters please feel free to contact me.

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